To download a downloadable wizard or script, visit the download page for that script. You can access the download page from the dashboard for the product you have purchased.

1. Locate the "Download Windows Version" button.

2. Right click on the button and choose "Save As" or "Save Link As".

3. Save to your downloads folder or a location you will remember where it is at. Also pay attention to the name of the file so you can locate it if you need to use File Explorer to open the installation wizard.

4. If your browser has the download appear along the bottom of your browser window, you can click there to open the installation wizard. If it does not, navigate using File Explorer to where you have saved the file. Double click on the file to open the installation wizard.

5. When asked if you want to install, click yes. Choosing no will end the installation process.

6. When the installation wizard opens, click on Next. Then Install. The downloadable wizard or script will be installed on your computer. 

7. Once this is complete, a EULA will open. This is the software agreement. Click on I Agree to be able to use the software. If you don't agree, the wizard will close.

8. On the next screen enter the username (your email address that you used at time of purchasing the product with the downloadable wizard included) and the password that was sent to you after purchase was complete.

9. Enter your name and click on verify. You do not need an activation key if you have an account. If the verification fails, please contact our help staff to request a reset.

10. Once verified (which happens in seconds), you may start using the wizard.

NOTE: This installation process will not work for Mac. Due to the Catalina update, we are making all the wizards accessible online.  Mac users use the online version. However, Windows users, this online version is also accessible to you. So if you would prefer to use the online version, it has all the same output as the downloadable version.